Program Development.
Considering your first screening program?  We provide comprehensive program development and a full suite of supporting services. 

Learning Tools.
We develop reusable learning tools to transfer screening program knowledge when turnover occurs in the HR organization and when refresher training is needed. Specifically designed to meet your needs, learning tools emphasize actions critical for legal and regulatory compliance and litigation avoidance.

Periodic Audits.
Selected background screening files are examined to determine how your program is actually being applied and its impact on legal and regulatory compliance. Our findings include a gap analysis and corrective action recommendations to increase employer protection.

We build better screening programs; we do not sell or provide background checks.

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Our Core Services.

compliance, and defensibility. Emphasis is placed on high risk program elements found in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), its state analogues, and relevant regulation and guidance. This includes disclosure, authorization, adverse action, individualized assessment, disqualification policies, and ban-the-box. Our written analysis and debriefing will identify strengths and weaknesses, pinpoint risks, and provide recommendations for increasing legal compliance to better protect your organization. 

Assessment of Current Program.

We examine your policies, procedures, forms, and supporting documentation to understand how your screening program is designed to work. We then assess how your current  program is actually being applied.  We identify gaps between  design, application, 

Building Better Background Screening Programs


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